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ESL - Levels

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Students develop vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Students learn to write and say the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and basic words through individual pair and group work. Conversations help students with everyday answers and questions about many aspects of functional everyday life. The instructor also provides help with basic accent reduction and pronunciation.

Beginning ESL

Students develop better English communication skills by improving reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in their roles as family and community members, workers, and citizens. Students improve vocabulary and learn to read, interpret and discuss simple sentences, instructions, directions, signs, maps, and menus. This class includes individual, pair, and group work. The instructor also provides help with basic accent reduction and pronunciation.

Intermediate ESL

Students continue to build grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills and practice high levels of practical conversation in pairs and small groups. Students learn to follow complex oral directions, learn new phrases with familiar vocabulary, know basic computer application terms, fill out basic medical information forms and job applications, and begin to write paragraphs. The instructor also provides help with intermediate accent reduction and pronunciation.

Civics and Citizenship


The Citizenship Preparation program provides opportunities for students to learn about the United States' naturalization process. Citizenship courses teach the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills needed to complete naturalization forms and pass the naturalization interview.


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