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CTE Enrollment Information

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CTE Career Technical Educational Training Programs

The Career Educational Programs offers students a variety of short-term certificate programs and single course options designed to prepare for a high-demand career and advance current work skills. The Career Educational Training programs combine academic knowledge with technical and occupational skills to provide students with pathways to long-term careers and success.

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CTE Enrollment Information

All potential CTE students must take an entrance exam before enrolling. When registering, you will need to be available for at least 2 – 3 hours to complete the registration and testing process. Please plan accordingly.

Since all students must test before enrolling into any class, Twilight Adult does not offer online registration and enrollment into any CTE program.

Below are the steps to enroll into the PTAS CTE program:

  1. Come in person to the Franklin Campus and complete a registration form.
  2. Front office staff will enter your registration information into our database system and then escort you to the testing center.
  3. Take the CASAS (English and Math assessment).
  4. After the assessments, you will meet with the PTAS Counselor, or schedule an appointment with front office staff for an appointment at a later date.
  5. In your meeting with the PTAS Counselor, you will:
  6. Discuss your career goals.
  7. Review and sign the Enrollment Contract understanding the academic and time commitment the program requires.
  8. Learn about American Job Centers of California (AJCC), go through an AJCC prequalification screening, and, if a student pre-qualifies, learn about the AJCC financial aid process.
  9. Possibly learn which American Job Center of California (AJCC) the student will be working with to get financial aid.
  10. If the counselor does not know which AJCC you will be working with, you will do the things to prepare for the AJCC visit (outlined in the next section).
  11. Await instructions from the PTAS counselor.


CTE Financial Aid Information

More than 90% of PTAS CTE students receive financial aid. In most instances, this means that students take the class at NO COST to them. As noted above, PTAS works with AJCCs to help with funding, but the school accesses a variety of funding sources to help students with financial aid for CTE programs.

If a student does not qualify for funding through an AJCC, he or she can complete a scholarship application that will be reviewed by PTAS Scholarship Committee. That committee works with students based on need and interest in a program. In order to be eligible to submit a scholarship application, students are first required to try and get approved through the AJCC approval process in almost all instances.

The process of getting approved for funding by an AJCC does take some effort. Students will need to gather documents, meet with AJCC case managers, and fill out forms. We work to prepare students and to make the process as seamless as possible, but sometimes difficulties arise.

When students meet with the PTAS Counselor, she will provide a more detailed To-Do List for each student. However, below are general steps for all students:

  1. Gather the following documents:
  2. Passport or CA ID and Social Security Card
  3. Proof of address (utility or insurance bill)
  4. Birth certificates of any dependents
  5. Status Letter from selective service (males only)
  6. Layoff or termination letter, if applicable
  7. Proof of Unemployment, EBT, etc., if applicable
  8. Last pay stub
  9. Await instructions from Counselor
  10. Register on CalJobs website:
  11. Upload a resume on CALJOBS


Goal for CTE Program

Students Must Find Employment in Training Area

PTAS expects all Career Technical Education students to use PTAS training to earn employment in the program area for which they studied. If funding was provided by an AJCC and if the student does not find employment, they could be responsible for reimbursing either the school or the AJCC for the entire amount of tuition.

Please understand your job is to get a job!

Call or email for updated times, locations, and enrollment information.

(626) 396-5640